Client Reviews

Melinda has a GIFT. I have experienced many different types of bodywork from many different practitioners, but I can say without hesitation that Melinda's massages are among the most powerful sessions I've ever experienced. In just ONE session she was able to resolve persistent scar tissue in my toe from a prior surgery - something I had no idea was even fixable - and completely changed the way my foot was functioning! She's eased aches, boosted my circulation and mitigated symptoms of TMJ. She eased tension in my husband's wrists - again, in one session. Of course, you won't necessarily achieve complete freedom from your symptoms in one session - but from what I've experienced with Melinda, she achieves impact fast. And the impact lasts. She is AMAZING. If you're having any sort of aches or pains that need attention - do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call her. In fact, why are you still reading? Pick up the phone! Make an appointment! You won't regret it.

-S. Krause

"Melinda Nelson is a master Massage Therapist. She is in a league all her own. She is gifted at intuiting what the client needs. I cannot give a higher recommendation. She is using her talents in this work."

- K. Downie

"Melinda is a miracle worker! When I met her, I couldn't sleep with my arms and hands tingling from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, plus I had Plantar Fascitis in my feet, and she fixed it. Later I had two Frozen Shoulders and she fixed that too!"

- LaNita D.

"I saw Melinda for a medical massage as recommended by my doctor. She immediately knew where my problems were and could obviously draw on many years of experience to fix the problems. After the first visit, I could see a vast improvement. She not only works with you during the sessions, but also has great advice for exercises to do on your own between sessions. It is obvious that she is dedicated to the health of the client above all. I would definitely recommend Melinda for any medical massage needs you have."

- Christopher W.

"Let me tell you, she knows what she's doing. Melinda J. Nelson's my favorite massage therapist in Little Rock. She does the relaxing massages, sports massages, orthopedic massages, prenatal massages, massages for chronic pain of all sorts (including cancer and fibromyalgia), lymph-draining massages for lymphodemia, all kinds of other great stuff. If you've got body pain, tension, reduced range or motion, reduced strength, all of those things she is good at fixing. Worth a try!"

- J. Boulden

"Deep, penetrating pressure. Best massage in the Little Rock area."

- M.C.

"Melinda J. Nelson is a *fantastic* massage therapist! If you are headed to NLR, AR or are nearby, get an appointment! She will fix you up!"

- Karen L.

"Melinda is very good at what does. She has a friendly disposition and is very professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

- S.R.

"Melinda is very professional and has a superb knowledge of the body to help relieve pain and has a wonderful ability to make you relax. The whole experience from the start of the session to the end is excellent. She is one of the best therapists in town."

- Zach M.

"I suffer from chronic bursitis in my hips and muscle spasms in my lower back. I have arthritis in both hips and in my spine. I haven't been able to sleep on my right side in a very long time. I felt such a huge relief just after the very first appointment! It was so wonderful to be able to sleep on my right side again! I go back to Melinda regularly to maintain my new pain-free life."

- Becca T.

"Just spent THE best hour of my day with an awesome massage therapist!! You should give her a call if you're in the market for a great massage. I go to Melinda when my shoulders and neck are hurting. She helps a lot and I refer everyone I know to her."

- A.B.

"I have been to a lot of massage therapists in the past 15 years for chronic back pain. None compare to Melinda. Her strong hands will get rid of your aches and pains. We even do resistance exercises that immediately help my shoulders and upper back to relax. Also when I am in pain she will work me in her busy schedule. When you are in pain, Melinda does her best to schedule you right away. She is AWESOME !"

-Jan D.